Ron is the Creative Director of the International Hair Surgeon Design Team. As one of the few American hair designers to win the International World Supreme Championship in total hair and fashion design, where he competed against 44 countries, Barnes has gained national and international attention. His innovative techniques in hair design have greatly contributed to today's beauty industry.

Ron Barnes is back to reveal a new movement in hair styling concept SMART ONE collection for Fall Winter 2018/2019 of hair coloring /hair cutting/styles will be released July Aug of 2018 to an International Company and hairdresser's around the world.

Ron Barnes is back to reveal a new movement in Hair Style, Cut and Color concepts for Spring/Summer 2018.

Throughout his career Barnes has worked with many of the world's leaders in hair design, including Randy Rick, Irvin Rusk, Trevor Sorbie, Anthony of Tony and Guy, and the Vidal Sassoon artistic team. His extensive hair coloring experience comes from years of work with Renato Brunes, founder of the Renbow International Color Company of London, England.

Barnes' significant experience keeps him involved in many segments of the beauty industry. His latest hair designs are featured in the 2018-2019 Color of Passion stylebook and will also be included in other style magazines. Additionally, he is a sought-after trainer and speaker for hair and beauty trade shows, most recently demonstrating his techniques at the Midwest Beauty Show in Chicago. Barnes is also preparing to open a beauty institute in the Denver area where students and advanced stylists can leam the latest techniques.

While he has traveled the world and received many accolades, he is still devoted to his affluent clientele. Whereas other stylists often fail to stay current in their professions, Barnes creates the latest techniques and strives to keep his designs fresh and innovative. As owner of Creative Design ATC in Colorado, he not only helps women look beautiful, but also feel beautiful, living up to his motto of "making a positive difference in people's lives."


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